How do I market my new online scheduling tool?

Mail Signature:

Each email you send should be an advertisement for your business. Let your customers know that you can also arrange appointments online - ideally with the correct link (URL).


-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------
Why not book your next appointment online -

Business cards:

Print business cards with the web address of your online scheduling tool and give every customer a card stating something like "Book your next Appointment in the convenience of your own Home - Online Appointments made easy"


From your mailing list email your customers letting them know of this innovative news.

Answering machines...

...and Queue Information Messages:

Tell your customers on voice mail or when on holding patterns that they can now also book their appointments online - with the internet address (URL)

Customer actions:

Make mailings to households in your area with a discount coupon for online bookings. This is a great way of attracting new customers!

Facebook / Twitter:

Post the news to your Facebook / Twitter page and spread the word through your customers and friends.


Make eye catching buttons on your website in order that it attracts the attention of every customer.


If you use "DerTermin" new customers will find you on the net and book appointments