"DerTermin" will help you and your customers  to book and manage  online-appointments, it is fast convenient and secure. Here you will find a short overview.


Here you will see how easy "DerTermin" is to manage, for both you and your customers. In just a few steps of making ​​your offer available your customers can then book an appointment - it's that simple. We will start with the front end – an online appointment in four easy steps.


Step 1 -  The Customer chooses the Service

The customer will access "DerTermin" via your Website or a specific "DerTermin"-URL. The first step is to choose the service required. Immediately a choice of available staff or resource will be presented to the customer. As soon as the customer makes a selection they continue to step 2.


Step 2 - Choose the day

The next step will display the days with available appointments. The view always shows the next three months. Once the customer clicks on the desired day all available times will be displayed.


Step 3 - Choose the time

Now the available times are displayed on the selected day. Via the navigation "Before" and "Later" tabs the customer can scroll back and forth to find the appropriate date. The customer then selects an appointment and then moves on to the last step 4.


Step 4 - Entering customer data

If the customer books an online appointment for the first time it will be necessary for their name, email and phone number to be entered. The customer can also leave a personal message.

The second time the customer uses "DerTermin" the system will automatically recognise them and they will not have to fill in their data again.



All the booking information will be summarised and the system will send a confirmation email to the customer.

Easy Management

Easy as "DerTermin" is to be used by your customers, it is also as easy for you. Wherever you have Internet access you can access "DerTermin" - 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Before you enter any data, ideally you should start with the services offered.


Here you define what services will be available for your customers for online-reservation.

Back Office 1

1. The duration should include the time which is to be blocked for this service in the calendar. "Step" is determined by whether a service is made ​​on the hour or even every 15 minutes available.
2. Select a unique service name. This will then be seen shown to the customer and it should be clear at a glance what it is.

Resources / Staff

Usually it will be people, but it can also be other resources such as tennis courts, sun beds or meeting rooms.

Back Office 1

1. Choose a resource to manage the other necessary data such as working hours, and power allocation profile.

2. Name of the employee or other resource type, email address and telephone number to which notifications may be sent.


Choose the days and times of availability at which the service is offered.

Back Office 1

1. Monday to Friday are by default. With a single click you can add or hide days.
2. The working hours may be the same or different each day, you define the times.

Service allocation

Not every employee may be able to provide each service - you can assign each employee the different services available.

Back Office 1



Manage the employee data and assign passwords to the staff  in order that every employee can access his calendar on the go.


Notification Center

In the notification centre you determine who should receive which message and when. We have created default Email and Text. However, you determine whether you use them or if you want to change them online

Back Office 1

1. Email to the admin makes sense if you want to be informed about incoming reservations by mail
2. Email to the employee could be important if not all employees are on site
3. Email to the customer will be probably the most important - you define when your customers are notified



Here we have set a default message. If it is not to your liking - no problem - you can define what will be mailed to your customers or employees.
Back Office 1

1. In the "Subject"- Field you can enter a standard message and it then may no longer be necessary to open the Email
2. You can also write individual messages – everything at your fingertips and online.



When you access the administration area you will be presented with today’s calendar. Here you can see at a glance all appointments for the day and here you can also manually enter appointments.

Back Office 1

1. Under the respective employee's name you will see the appointments for the actual day. Click on the employee's name you will see a weekly view of their available appointments.
2. On the relevant dates, the time and service booked will be shown.
3. With a simple click, you can create a new appointment.

Manual date choice

Customers will continue to call you and make appointments by telephone - with "DerTermin" it also very easy to enter data manually.

Back Office 1

1. Choose from a list the service required
2. It is important to enter the email address of the customer so that he can be reminded automatically.
3. The time can also be entered manually if you not already have marked it with the mouse.