Why DerTermin

There are many reasons why you should use "DerTermin" - from "easy to use" to "time saving", the list is endless. Ultimately there are six points which will convince you:

1. Always available

Sounds awful. Nobody wants to be constantly available - except perhaps for your customers to check your calendar for available appointments.

Whether in the evening, at night, on Sundays or public holidays - your customers can always make appointments. Online – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


2. No appointment failures

Customers do not intentionally miss thier appointments. They forget, fill in the wrong date or just overlook them.

"DerTermin" reminds your customers automatically. Appointment failures will belong to the past and your fullfilled appointments will improve automatically.


3. Gain time

How much time do you and your employees spend each day on the phone? Too much? Making appointments over the phone takes up valuable staff time. On the one hand, it is prone to errors, and on the other, it is not convenient for your customers.

It usually takes some time for someone to pick up the phone and then the customer is expected to make a decision within seconds.

Let your customers choose their appointments, relaxed whilst using the computer and saving time for more important tasks.


4. Simple to use

What good is having the best program if it still takes hours to use it? One of the key concerns in the development of "DerTermin" was the ease of use. For both your customers and for yourself. It takes just one hour to enter the necessary data and then your customers will be able to book their appointments.


5. Fair Prices

And what good is it if you cannot afford this program? That's right. We want to bring an affordable product onto the market. And be affordable for every company. We cater for companies of any size, with the right product and package.

And because we are convinced of our quality and great price-performance ratio, you can trial "DerTermin" 30 days for free!

6. 30-day free trial

The quality is right, so is the price. So why test 30 days for free? Because we are sure that we can convince you even more.

The 30-day trial is possible at any time and without cost. After the 30-day free trial, if you are still not convinced, simply send us an email and we will cancel the account without charge.